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Wendy's Winged Companion's Aviary
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Wendy's Winged Companions
Owned and Operated by Wendy L. Carlson
My aviary started with a pair of lovebirds, purchased for me by my husband as something for us to take care of together on the spur of the moment. They were sold to us by the local pet store as hand fed babies and even though they were nippy we thought that they would be easy to handle and keep tame. We even bought two so they would have company - since lovebirds have to be purchased in pairs. 

Yeah, we fell for it. Six months later we had our first clutch. After handfeeding the single hatchling I had found my calling. We opened my Aviary and have expanded from that single pair of lovebirds to almost 63 breeding pairs, from Lovebirds to African Greys. Wendy fell in love with the Pionus parrots after being introduced to Bullwinkle "a 2.5 year female white cap" and she now has one pair of Bronze Wings, White Caps, two pairs of Maximillans,  and two pairs of Blue Heads pionus.

Come look through the pages at our breeders, our babies and find the perfect color and personality for your life long companion.

In 2014 we relocated from Florida to Roxboro, NC and moved the aviary with us.  As part of the move and relocation we have decided to focus our efforts and resources on breeding Congo Greys, Derbyan Parakeets, Pionus, Mustache Parakeets, Quakers, Greater Jardines and Lovebirds.
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