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Available Parrot Babies. 
These babies are the larger breed parrot babies we raise at our Aviary, either hatched by our breedering pairs on site or from some of our close friend aviaries.

All of these babies are raised the same loving way.  All babies are handfed from between 2 to 3 weeks of age, abundance weaned to a healthy Dr D’s pellet diet with plenty of fresh vegtables and fruit, and raised with tons of love and affection. 

All babies are well socialized by Wendy and Chris as they are being raised, Weaning times vary by spiecies and individual bird.  We work very hard to make sure your precious baby is just the way you want them before they come home.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will hold your baby until weaned. NOW accepting PayPal (add 3.5% surcharge). NC sales add 6.75% sales tax.

Shipping is available at buyers expense thru Delta during the pandemic air shipping is only for direct flights from RDU.  Prices for shipping is $200.  Shipment cost includes flight, insurance and custom made container.

Buyers have three days to have bird checked by their certified avian vet, Refund or replacement at sellers discretion for any vet documented life threatening conditions.

Please include the baby's title you are inquiring about when contacting us.  Thank you.
Cinnamon Blue Quaker Parrot. WWC NC 20 210                $425.00      DOH 6/19/20 DNA - Pending
Great companion bird with beautiful color markings. These birds can learn to talk and are considered good talkers. Pictures are better than a 1000 words, just check out this sweet little baby. Check your state laws as these parrots are not allowed in some states. If shipping to your airport cannot be arranged please contact us on the possibility of vehicular delivery.